Turn any faucet into a rotating faucet

Makes your life easier! It rotates up to 1080° and adds air to the water stream, creating a wider jet of water that doesn’t splash in all directions.

Extended 1080° rotation:

The extendable arm can reach every corner of the sink for easy cleaning.

2-Spray Design

The faucet aerator has a bubble flow and a powerful spray jet, and twisting the aerator changes the spray type.

Quality Material

It is made of high quality materials, copper and stainless steel, it does not rust, it is safe and durable, with a long service life. The chrome finished surface is well polished and electroplated, glossy and shiny after long time use.

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1PC Faucet 1080

29.85 EUR
14.99 EUR

3PC Faucet 1080

29.85 EUR
14.99 EUR

5PC Faucet 1080

29.85 EUR
14.99 EUR
  • Easy Installation: Installs manually, directly, without tools, in just seconds. If your faucet has internal thread, please use the adapter before installation (Adapter is included).
  • Multi-functional: For kitchen faucets, it is useful for children to wash their hands, fruits and vegetables; for the bathroom sink, you can wash your hair and face more easily. At the same time, the faucet adapter can be more convenient for cleaning the sink.
  • Product caliber: 24 mm external thread, small pitch, 22 mm internal thread, small pitch, 20 mm internal thread, large pitch

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Faucet 1080

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