Waterproof Endoscope Camera

Ideal Instrument Tool!

Compatible 3-in-1 design

This endoscopic camera has 3 interfaces: USB / Micro USB / Type-C, ensuring extensive compatibility.

Very suitable for machinery maintenance, safety monitoring, vehicle maintenance, power plant inspection, chemical pipeline industry, aerospace and boiler gas turbine inspection. If you are a homeowner, electrician, mechanic, especially for those who love technology, this pipe camera is your best partner.

  • Curved Holes Or Pipes
  • Air Conditioners
  • Tops Of Wardrobes
  • Intraoral Camera System
  • Underwater Camera
  • Motor Vehicle Detector
  • Sewer Pipeline Detector
  • Home Care
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Camera for automotive and electronics inspection

Long focus range

DEPSTECH extends the focus range of the endoscope up to 40 cm from 7 cm, so that the images and videos from the camera are larger and clearer.

Modern cable

The semi-rigid cable can bend and retain its shape to access a variety of narrow places such as vents or curved pipes, air conditioners, cabinets, etc.

Waterproof Endoscope Camera For Automotive And Electronics Inspection

This Endoscope Camera camera works for automotive/diesel repair and maintenance, industrial testing, pipeline testing, outdoor testing and other industry fields. It minimizes the need for machine disassembly to save time and money.



IP67 waterproof and with 6 adjustable LEDs

6 built-in LEDs with adjustable brightness so you can easily work in dark environments. The waterproof endoscopic camera can effectively detect the underwater environment.

HD 720P inspection camera

Endoscopic camera with 1280*720P, with a lens of approx. 7mm, helps you inspect narrow places, giving you an extremely clear image and seeing every detail precisely. These 3 useful accessories are equipped with side mirror, magnet and hook to make your work easier.

Waterproof Endoscope Camera

Chamber diameter: ​

7 mm​



Resolution: ​

640*480/30 images

Lens angle:

67 degrees


6 adjustable white LEDs

Viewing distance:


Waterproof lens:


Operating temperature:

-10 to 80 degrees

Compatible with:

Android / Windows / Mac

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